B.C. Green Leadership candidate Sonia Furstenau announces economic platform

VANCOUVER, BC – Sonia Furstenau, B.C. Green MLA for Cowichan Valley launched her economic platform as part of her leadership campaign in Vancouver today. Furstenau will hold a campaign launch in Vancouver alongside David Suzuki tonight at Heritage Hall at 6:00pm.

“We are at a crucial moment in history where change is necessary. With the right strategy, B.C. has the ability to be the most resilient, innovative economy in the world,” said Furstenau.

“We need to create an economic environment that supports smart risk-takers and creative problem solvers. To accomplish this, we must invest in our greatest resource: the people of B.C.  Healthy citizens who can afford to live in their communities are the foundation of tomorrow’s resilient, innovative economy. 

“We need to start by updating how we measure a healthy economy. The other two parties continue to tout GDP growth, while our affordability crisis makes headlines around the world. They subsidize divisive fossil fuel investments while investors increasingly sound the alarm about the need to centre climate change in our economic plans. 

“This shows an astonishing lack of vision. British Columbians deserve a far smarter, more hopeful plan for their future. I’m running for leader of the B.C. Green Party because I know B.C. is just scratching the surface of our potential. It’s time to move past these outdated ways of thinking and embrace change.” 

The policies Furstenau announced are as follows:

  • Adopt health and wellbeing budgets with genuine progress indicators indicators focused on economic, health, social and environmental factors, and require Ministries to justify spending in accordance with progress on these indicators.
  • Scale up social program funding to improve indicators in #1. Priority programs will include: universal early childhood education and child care; public and post-secondary education; programs to achieve universal livable wages, such as a guaranteed livable income; demand and supply-side affordable housing measures; and mental healthcare. 
  • In consultation with business, labour and experts, introduce a comprehensive suite of policies to improve work-life balance and health and wellbeing for workers, such as a shorter work week and modernized labour laws for independent contract workers.
  • Fund innovation clusters based on the proposal from the Innovation Commissioner’s report.
  • Review the Employer Health Tax and reconsider the suggestions proposed by the MSP Task Force as a means of replacing revenue.
  • Increase funding and spaces for innovation-related post-secondary spots, co-ops and apprenticeships.


Media Contact

Jillian Oliver 
Co-Campaign Manager
[email protected] 

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