BC Greens Counting on Leadership Race to Attract Members and Money

Sonia Furstenau, the MLA for Cowichan Valley, declared her candidacy last week, promising a fresh style of leadership.

“I will demonstrate very much that my leadership is inclusive, it is to bring people in, to widen the support and to widen the people who can recognize that really the Greens represent what many, many people in communities across B.C. would like to see in their politics,” she said.

“We are an evidence-based and data-driven party,” Furstenau said. “We bring panels of experts together to help inform the policy that we make.”

There’s an abundance of innovative ideas to address issues facing the province, she said, but “the NDP seem unwilling to do anything beyond tinkering around the edges.”

The Tyee, February 4, 2020