Furstenau releases post-COVID-19 plan for livable communities, a green industrial strategy and infrastructure investment

VICTORIA, BC – Sonia Furstenau, MLA for Cowichan Valley, today released her second
platform plank as part of her campaign for the leadership of the B.C. Green Party. Furstenau’s
plan is a strategy for renewal following COVID-19 that focuses on livable communities, a green
industrial strategy, and infrastructure investments.

“We need to make smart investments that will make B.C. resilient in the long-term,” said

“This means addressing the unsustainable levels of inequality and environmental degradation of
the past. In the past few weeks, we have seen a groundswell of support for addressing systemic
racism. This means being willing to overhaul all of our systems. We need to reimagine what we
want our communities to look like – in my mind, that means making them safer, healthier and
more connected for everyone. That is why, in my previous platform, I also called for expanding
services like child care, housing, education, and mental health. While these investments alone
aren’t sufficient to address the reality of systemic racism and inequality, they are a vital
component of building a more equitable society.

“The abundance of good ideas being generated on how to reimagine how we do things is truly
exciting. If we embrace the change people are calling for, we can make our communities and
our economy stronger in the face of all the massive change happening throughout the world.”
Furstenau’s plan includes the following policies:

  1. Consult with local governments and other stakeholders to explore how the province can
    support improved livability such as walkable neighbourhoods, complete communities,
    connected communities, and healthy community design.
  2. Develop a green industrial strategy that engages industry, labour, and other
    stakeholders to create plans to fairly and efficiently manage carbon budgets while
    maximising our green industrial potential.
  3. Engage with industry, labour and other stakeholders to develop green industries and
    direct provincial and leverage federal funding for a just, green economic renewal. Priority projects will include affordable rental and co-op housing, rapid transit projects, smaller scale distributed renewable energy projects, materials management facilities, and workforce and small business retraining, re-tooling and upskilling.
  4. Work with local and regional governments to establish an equitable, stable long-term
    funding model for transit.

The full plan is available here.


Media Contact
Christina Winter
Co-Campaign Manager
[email protected]

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