David Suzuki supports Furstenau’s candidacy and four-day work week proposal

VANCOUVER, BC – David Suzuki is speaking out in support of BC Green leadership candidate Sonia Furstenau’s candidacy and her proposal to explore a four-day work week in BC. Furstenau published a video message from Suzuki today.

“When the David Suzuki Foundation was started in 1990, the first thing we did was to institute a four-day work week,” said Suzuki.

“We have had it right up to the present time. Staff will fight to the end to protect it because it has expanded their lives. They have time to do so much more. Life is not just about making more money so we can buy more stuff, it’s about having the time to spend doing other things that enrich our lives. This is an idea we ought to be considering widely across society. I support the candidacy of Sonia Furstenau for leadership of the BC Greens and I think this is long overdue as an idea for us to discuss as a society.”

Furstenau, current MLA for Cowichan Valley, announced her policy to consult with business, labour and other stakeholders to explore a shorter-work week as a possible means of improving work-life balance in February 2020. She has since expanded on the idea in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“We need to build a more equitable, sustainable and resilient province after COVID-19,” said Furstenau.

“The evidence on shorter work weeks shows they could improve health and wellbeing, increase productivity, create more jobs for our post-COVID-19 recovery, improve gender equality, and reduce carbon emissions. Moreover, shorter work weeks could be structured to facilitate better social distancing. These impacts are of significant benefit for society, and the government should explore incentives for employers that choose to implement a shorter work week.

“David’s visionary leadership on this issue is truly inspiring. I have so much respect for his willingness to lead by example. I’m proud to have his support for my campaign.”


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