Furstenau campaign joins Facebook paid advertising boycott

COWICHAN VALLEY, BC – Sonia Furstenau announced that her campaign will join the growing list of organizations forgoing paid Facebook ads in July as part of the Stop Hate for Profit campaign. The campaign is calling on Facebook to take more responsibility for its role in promoting hateful content. 

“Ending systemic racism means eradicating it from all of our institutions. Social media companies are very powerful institutions that are overdue for taking responsibility for their role in facilitating the spread of hate online,” said Furstenau.

“When my campaign was reviewing our paid ad strategy for July, we became aware of this campaign and realized we had a responsibility to do our small part to show solidarity and raise awareness about this issue.  

“Malicious disinformation and content that stokes hatred is eroding democracies worldwide. This is extremely dangerous. We must hold social media companies accountable for their role. As legislators, we need to take a much more proactive role in exploring how we can protect the digital rights of citizens, the vital role that news and information plays in our democracy, and the responsibility we all have to call out hateful content.”


Media Contact
Jillian Oliver
Co-Campaign Manager
778-989-6471[email protected]

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