B.C. Greens would restore B.C. Ferries as Crown Corporation, conduct full review of operations

October 19, 2020

BRENTWOOD BAY B.C. – B.C. Greens leader Sonia Furstenau announced that the B.C. Greens would restore B.C. Ferries’ status as a Crown Corporation in order to manage the service as part of the transportation network, rather than as an organization with a profit motive.

“For coastal communities and some interior communities, ferries are part of their way of life and a core part of the transportation network,” said Furstenau.

“We need to recognize that as part of our transportation network, ferries are about connecting people and supporting our provincial economy. We make investments in our transportation networks like roads and transit because we recognize that they are essential for peoples’ mobility and are about opening up economic opportunity. We need to stop pretending that ferries should, or could, be run with a profit motive and bring their focus back to the essential services they provide to our communities.

“Our ferry-dependent communities deserve more than tinkering around the edges. We need to stop taking these communities for granted and treat our ferry system as the vital transportation network it is. The B.C. Greens would bring B.C. Ferries back into government as a Crown Corporation, and conduct a full review of B.C. Ferries operations focused on providing an efficient, public service for British Columbians, and on improving the role of ferries in B.C.’s transportation network.”

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BC Greens Oct 19 2020