Sonia has not only been an effective MLA for Cowichan, she demonstrated how to work across party lines to get things done.


  • Worked to formalize the Cowichan Leadership Team, consisting of all elected leadership in Cowichan (Source 1, Source 2)
  • Worked with wider Cowichan community to advocate for new hospital (Source 1, Source 2), hospice (Source), new high school (Souce 1, Source 2), and weir (Source)
  • Championed professional reliance reform, including new legislation to provide better oversight and evidence-based decision-making in the approval of development projects. (Narwal)
  • Worked in her community to support families struggling with the child welfare system. (Source 1, Source 2, Source 3)
  • Successfully pushed for changes to the child welfare system at the provincial level. (Source)
  • Helped to successfully advocate for the government to provide PREP to people at high risk of contracting HIV, as the first MLA to call for the change. (Source) 
  • Held the government’s feet to the fire on the lack of evidence surrounding the cost and safety of fracking. (Source 1, Source 2)
  • Helped negotiate the Confidence and Supply Agreement with the B.C. NDP, and has worked collaboratively on many government policies such as environmental assessment legislation, professional governance legislation, and child care. (Source)
  • Served as BC Greens House Leader, and as member of the Legislative Assembly Management Committee (LAMC) (Source 1, Source 2)
  • Worked to reform policy to make the Legislature more transparent and accountable, including the introduction of a Respectful Workplace Policy (Source 1, Source 2)
  • Was one of three MLAs on the Health Steering Committee tasked with reform of health professions regulatory framework (Source)